Magical Greataxe

very rare, requires attunement

A wicked curved blade is attached to the end of a long, dark wooden handle. Faded etching can be seen on the flat of the blade. Holding the greataxe instill you with a desire to be in motion. Swirling eddies surrounds the bearer as they move. Grom discovers that Windshear is a sentient weapon. Acquired off Jaccard the Corrupt.

Currently in the possession of Grom.

In addition to normal greataxe stats, WIndshear has the following magical properties when attuned:

  • Counts as magic for the purpose of overcoming resistances.
  • When you make a damage roll with Windshear, if you roll less than your Strength modifier you may roll again adding the result to the previous total. This effect may trigger up to three times per hit. This effect only applies to the weapon’s damage dice, not dice from other effects.
  • Your speed increases by 10 feet.
  • Adds +1 to AC.
  • As a bonus action you may resize Windshear to a handaxe or battleaxe.


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