Staff of Rhesymegol

Magical Staff

rare, requires attunement

A staff fashioned out of ash and inscribed with arcane runes. At the top, the wood wraps around a crystal that pulse with faint blue light.

It is currently in the possession of Zymer.

In addition to normal quarterstaff stats, the Staff of Rhesymegol has the following magical properties when attuned:

  • You may use this as an arcane focus.
  • You may use your Intelligence modifier when rolling initiative.
  • When you succeed on a saving throw from a spell or are missed by a spell with an attack roll, the staff absorbs the essence of the spell and gains Sorcery Points equal to its spell level. As long as the staff gains at least 1 Sorcery Point, if you would have taken damage even on a successful save, you instead take no damage. The staff holds up to 5 Sorcery Points. You may only use these points to make spell slots as a Sorcerer can. They cannot be combined with other Sorcery Points.

Staff of Rhesymegol

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