Darkness over Oscadius


Session 19 Recap - 5th-17th of Aryth in the 2147th year

The Mourning Tree

Immediately after Aralia, the dryad, steps into the material plane, she runs over to embraces her tree. The party watches as it returns to health and sprouts leaves. After several minutes in communion with the tree she steps away and approaches the party. She thanks them for their aid in helping restore her tree. She gifts Lyra a white oak acorn and imparts knowledge upon her of how to travel the Ways. Drugan has a serious conversation with Oath. Oath remembers reading that the Feywild is a place of perpetual twilight. When questioned about the passing of time in the Feywild Aralia replies that “time passes as time flows”. After a brief discussion, the party decides to attempt travel through the Feywild. With all the party members holding onto each other Lyra speaks the words “Aa’ lasser en lle coia orn n’ omenta gurtha” and the party steps forth into the Feywild

The Southern Greatwoods

The party steps into a shady grove somewhere in the Southern Greatwoods. For everyone besides Lyra the memory of a landscape dominated by oversized vegetation and pastel colors is fading like a dream upon waking. Unlike entering the Feywild, leaving seems to have gone slightly awry as Drugan feels protected, Grom increases in size, Lyra can only yell, Mira felt refreshed and Oath cast Fly on Jasper. A panther like fey creature with a strangely human face shakes himself and announces that his task is complete and that he’s going for a hunt before returning to the Feywild. The party looks on in confusion as he lopes off into the woods. Lyra seems angry at Drugan.

As the magical effects start to wear off the party makes their way south towards the edge of the Southern Greatwoods. Emerging from the woods near dusk, they realize they’re near Farlel. They realize based on the position of the moons that almost two weeks have passed since they entered the Feywild.

Port Trellec

The party pushes on through the night to reach Port Trellec as the sun is rising. As they approach the west gate of Port Trellec they notice carts, tents and groups of refugees outside the city gates. They see city guards trying to coral and help folks. Making their way through the throngs a scruffy looking man with what appears to be the oak leaf of Sylvanus on his shirt approaches Mira. He grabs her by the shoulder and tells her: “When the Sisters are hidden under the Autumnal Cloak, in the Tower of Night, the chains will be loosened and He will summon Her.” As the man pulls away, Mira watches his eyes fade from green to their natural color. She also realizes he smells of sour wine and the symbol on his chest is actually his own vomit. As the man moves towards an alley and proceeds to empty the contents of his stomach, Drugan moves to follow him. Lyra walks by and pushes Drugan into the filth. Oath uses Prestidigitation to clean Drugan.

The Spoke and Cellar

The party heads to the inn where they meet up with Keishara and Thakon. Thakon tells them that one of Nerroth’s contacts has turned up the location of an artifact that could enable her to scry on the area of the forest that is blocked from her view. After breaking their fast they decide to split up and take care of a couple errands before deciding what to do next.

Avora’s Shop

Jasper and Oath head to the cartographer’s to give her the dragon helm. Avora is pleased to see them, even if Oath is laying the flattery on thick. After a brief discussion Oath and Jasper settle on a map of Bremore and a small pouch of uncut rubies as the party’s compensation. As they’re turning to leave, Avora thanks Oath for letting her know about Vox Primus’s fate. She tells him that she went their with some hired muscle and recovered the bodies. She then asks Oath about occupants of the island as the cave was empty when she went there. She presses him a bit further, asking if the party found any treasure or dragon’s hoard. Oath admits they found some treasure, so leaves her with the bag of rubies and a promise to come back later.

Fireforged Smithy

Drugan stops in to pick up his order. While he’s there he sees Odric, who tells him that he has a part time job apprenticing with the dwarven brothers.

Sanctuary of Eldath

Drugan, Grom, Lyra and Mira stop in to talk to Samal. He lets them know that Corvus made it to Port Trellec and delivered the Phagestone chalice. They ask him if he’s heard of the name Nerull. After browsing his collection of books, he finds a reference to a demon lord with that name. He then confirms Mira’s suspicions about the “the Sisters” most likely being the moons Celeste and Luna. He speculates that “the Autumnal Cloak” could be when both moons are hidden on the 2nd of Sypheros.

The Spoke and Cellar

Jasper and Oath head back to the Inn to grab some drinks. Oath pulls out the Tome of Masglowic’s Contemplation and discovers that he’s farther along than he thought. The others eventually join them. Drugan works with Odric on converting Shimmer into a glaive. As the day passes the group discusses what they’ve learned. Drugan, Lyra, Mira and Jasper debate what Mira’s portent could mean, postulating that the “Tower of Night” may be the same tower that Darius mentioned. Meanwhile, Oath discovers that the greenish stone from Raithe is missing. In its place is a wooden box without visible seams. Grom and Oath puzzle over the inscribed phrase in Elvish: “No sooner spoken than broken”. After a bit, they figure out that “silence” is the answer and upon uttering it the wood parts to reveal the Tome of Gratophamn’s Bravery.

The party settles in for the night, planning on speaking with the the Council in the morning.

The Council

After waiting for several hours it is finally their turn to address The Council. Grom, speaking for the party, asks what they could do to aid with the refugees and the gnoll problem to the west. They receive many conflicting requests ranging from helping distribute supplies and handle logistics to head west to patrol for and hunt down gnolls. After the debating dies down, Samal suggests that perhaps they simply keep following the Nerull and Phagestone threads as no one else is looking into that.

Port Trellec

Leaving the The Council the party decides to recover the scrying artifact to gain more information about the tower before seeking it out. Mira uses Sending to request that the librarian at the College of Lore in Dalasia look into Nerull and Phagestone. They collect Keishara and Thakon before heading towards Seabottom, in the southern part of the city, to seek out a ship to carry them to Bremore. Asking around, they find Captain “Kelby”. He is excited to see them and lets them know that he has acquired a second vessel, partly due to their “generosity” last time. Within and hour or two they are all aboard the Orcadia as it slips its moorings.

Inner Sea

Sailing into the afternoon sun, the party heads towards Borja a small port town in Bremore. The Orcadia glides through the night and as the sun is rising the party sees the Bremore coastline…


A quick reminder of the awesome roleplaying here:

Oath and Drugan’s brotherly development
Lyra’s fury at Drugan for an unknown reason
Jasper’s attempt to make use of her head collection
Mira’s discouragement toward Drugan’s cart interests
Oath’s flirting
Oath and Jasper at the inn
Grom’s oratory in court
Mira’s seeing a sign in the drunkard

Overall, I felt like I learned a lot more about who each character was this session!

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