Human Abjuration Wizard


He appears to be a kindly if a bit absent-minded old man. He is decked out in a well-worn wizarding gear. He often wears a pair of spectacles when he needs to read or inspect items. He carries multiple books and scrolls with him at all times. He loves knowledge for knowledge’s sake. There‚Äôs nothing he likes more than a good mystery or puzzle.

Zymer wears a Robe of the Elders and wields the Staff of Rhesymegol.

Zymer has a Pseudodragon familiar Huthissis (Hiss).


Hailing most recently from Jescabar, Zymer is in pursuit of the Waters of Life. His research has led him to a location called Sastheru’s Grotto. While exploring the area a section of the ground collapsed and dumped into an unexplored underground tomb. Despite the rumblings around him he starts poking around the room seeing if he can decipher any of the inscriptions. An errant verbalization of Yuan-Ti glyphs has activated the latent magic and teleported Bad Bearings to his location.


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