Darkness over Oscadius

Into Dreir Lith

Session 20 Recap - 18th of Aryth in the 2147th year


Captain “Kelby” Jones directs the party to a shady tavern near the harbor run by Myles the Barkeep. Talking to him they get directions to Dreir Lith. He tells them that the place has been abandoned for as long as he can remember. He does mention that he remembers hearing reports of the “Goddess’s Breath” from the last brave folks who adventured there. Myles doesn’t know anything explicitly about the brass dragon, but suggests the party heads south towards Pent a small fishing village that’s reported to have a seer.

Dreir Lith

The party finds their way into the foothills following an ancient trail. Mid afternoon they find the entrance set into the hillside. Carvings faded beyond recognition decorate the entrance. Making their way down a set of steps and along a hallway, they come upon and intersection. Three paths are before them. One was boarded up, but many of the boards have been destroyed. Jasper being the smallest, slides through the cracks to get a better look. Oath uses his compass to get a bearing on the best direction for their goal. Ultimately, the decision falls on Drugan who uses the ages old dwarven technique of spitting to decide on the proper path.

Dreir Lith Chasms

Following the path the party enters an open chamber dotted with stone platforms. The floor falls away to an unknown abyss on every side. As the party adventures out into the chamber a harsh wind blows at them throwing up dust and grit, blinding Grom and Jasper. Lyra casts Enhance Ability on herself and Mira. Mira casts Guidance on Oath. Jasper uses Flicker to cross the first chasm, with Oath following behind. Lyra cross with ease, but Mira slips being caught only by Setheru’s Grasp. The wind whips at them from the other direct bringing with it nauseous vapors poison several members. The party notices floating lights, perhaps torches off to the side perhaps a hundred and fifty feet distant. Jasper an Oath start exploring the next platform while the remaining party members cross. Jasper uses the same technique to cross to another platform where he recovers a board with the help of Grom. Drugan and Lyra as a giant spider head the other direction to investigate the platform there. Keishara pushes forward to spot what she can. In the process she misjudged the distance and barely catches the edge. Oath attempting to show her up fails even worse and slips as he’s starting the leap, but catches himself before tumbling into the abyss. Mira makes it to Keishara’s platform and helps her up. Drugan has returned with his plank and Grom and Jasper with theirs. The line of lights is now a bit ahead of the party. Mira and Keishara help stabalize the first plank dropped to their platform and push it on to the next one. They then stabilize the next plank before pressing forward. The rest of the party crosses as quickly as possibly and without much difficulty. Lyra uses her webbing to reach the final platform and rejoin the others.

Dreir Lith Altar

The party enters a smaller, slightly more intact chamber. A dull glow lights much of the chamber. Across the way they see a party of five well worn, middle aged humans making their way towards the far platform. Unsure of their motives the party moves towards the far platform as well. Jasper, Keishara and Oath take the lead followed up by Drugan, Lyra and Mira. Grom hangs back to try and make his way to the platform where the other party entered from. As this is happening spiders start to pour up over the edge of the platforms attacking both parties. Oath uses Major Image to throw up an illusion of a giant spider. The first two fighters in the other party attempt to engage it, but end up stumbling through it instead. Drugan uses his hand to grapple the figure closest to the altar. The mage in the other party runs up to the altar, grabs something and shoves it in his pack. Lyra webs the mage, restraining him. A drider appears from the ceiling shooting at members of both parties. Mira attempts to use Animal Friendship calm some of the attacking spiders. Jasper, Oath and Thakon deal with the remaining spiders. Jasper, Keishara and Oath close with the other party. Drugan throws the figure he’s grappled into the webbing, then attempts to wrestle the item from the mage. After several failed attempts Grom makes it to the remote platform to head off the other party. The mage cast Misty Step distancing himself from the fray. The human rouge and fighter pull back towards their cleric and mage, while the archer attempts to hold off the drider…


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