Darkness over Oscadius

In Search of the Seer

Session 21 Recap - 18th-19th of Aryth in the 2147th year

Dreir Lith Altar

The party continued to fight for possession of the scrying Orb while the drider seemed to primarily focus on the opposing party. Baledin, the mage from the other party, made a remark implying that he knew Oath or someone who looked like him. As giant spiders are climbing up over the edge of the platforms, Baledin releases a Cone of Cold that wiped out every spider, froze one of his own party members, as well as Oath and Jasper. Drugan feeds Oath a healing potion. Mira alternatively heals her own party members and Sacred Flames the other party. The drider focuses it’s attention on the bearer of the Orb. Grom prepares the finishing touches on his ambush before abandoning it to chuck javelins at the drider. Mira grabs a dimmly glowing jar near the base of the alter. Lyra uses of a scroll of Earthen Blast, to throw the drider off the ceiling causing it to plumet to the cavern floor. As it reappears, Drugan finishes it off with his glaive. Jasper retrieving the orb fiends the Orb on the priest. The party stabilizes Baledin and makes their way back to the entrance.

Dreir Lith

Once outside, Oath cast Zone of Truth on everyone except Keishara, Mira and Thakon. Grom uses Lay on Hands to revive Baledin. The party asks him who he is and what they were looking for. He tells the party that he and his companions hail from Vale and that they are researchers and sometimes adventurers. Oath asks him if he knew his father, to which Baledin replies that they were sometimes contemporaries and sometimes rivals. That he felt that his father and friends looked down upon humans as an inferior race. When asked what became of his companions he is met with awkward silence. Out of shame or a sense of morality, Drugan helps him retrieve the bodies of his companions. They find one still alive. Meanwhile, Oath presses Lyra for what happened in the Feywild, but she remains tight-lipped. Once Drugan returns the party departs leaving Baledin and his companion to find their own way.


The party returns to Borja with the Orb. It is decided that Thakon and Keishara should take the Orb and head back to Asturakar to start the trek towards Tormund’s Hold. Captain “Kelby” will ferry them, then return in a couple days time for the rest of the party. The party spends the night in the one squalid inn in Borja. In the morning they break their fast and head south to Pent.


Arriving in the hamlet of Pent the party finds an old man that gives them directions to the Seer’s Cave. He instructs them to enter, ring the bell, then wait. The party follows his instructions, heading south from the village towards the seaside cliffs.

Seer’s Cave

Following the trail up the rocks, the party finds the entrance to the cave. They file inside and after a brief glance around Mira inspects the pool of water. Not finding anything off, Jasper rings the tarnished bronze bell by jumping on it. As the clapper strikes the bell more that just sound is produced. The party feels a magic reverberation pass through them. Several minutes pass without any noticeable change. As the party settles in to wait, Drugan goes to sit against the wall but falls through it. Lyra moves to block others view of what happens. Drugan exclaims that his backside can dissolve stone. Everyone else starts in amazement as Drugan appears from within solid rock. Oath inspects the area and realizes that it is simply a cleverly placed illusion. After ensuring that there are no other illusions in the chamber the rest of the party follows Drugan into the tunnel which slowly slopes downwards.

Tycelle’vaerir’cy’ravora’s Lair

They enter into an antechamber with several tunnels leading off in different directions and a pair of massive black iron doors off to the right. The walls appear to all be sandstone and the floor is sandy and covered with tracks. Sounds of water can be heard and even below ground, there’s a strong smell of the sea in the chamber. Spreading out to investigate, they find that the closest tunnel ends in a pool of water. Mira identifies it as salt water. Jasper throws one of his heads into the pool. Grom and Oath inspect the door noticing that a large glyph is inscribed upon it. Grom wanders off with Smoke to poke around deeper into the chamber. Oath decides to more closely inspect the door, touching it and releasing the magic contained in the Glyph of Warding in the process. He is caught in the throws of Tasha’s Hideous Laughter. Lyra inspects the tracks and notices that they’re not humanoid. The are larger with three pronounced toes. Grom sees a tunnel that slopes down even farther, a pool of water and a large mound or next structure. He immediate starts retreating towards the others.

In the first tunnel, the pool of water explodes soaking Jasper and Mira, as bronze dragon launches itself out of the water and pins Jasper and Mira each beneath its massive paws. With water cascading off its body the dragon spreads its wings and growls at the two of them: “What are you doing here? Why have you come?” Meanwhile, in the antechamber, three bronze guard drakes appear as Invisibility drops with one leaping at Drugan, one leaping at Grom, and one leaping at Lyra. Lyra and Grom avoid the pouncing drakes, but Drugan is briefly grappled before reversing the hold with his grafted mimic hand. Lyra Wild Shapes into a rhinoceros, while Grom attempts to put some distance between himself and the prowling drake. Jasper and Mira finally recover from their initial shock and terror and manage to get out that they are looking for the Seer. The bronze dragon informs them that they have found the Seer. They feel the dragon’s mind press briefly upon their consciousness. The dragon picks up the confused and scared Jasper and Mira, depositing them on the floor of the antechamber. Oath finally shakes off the effects of the spell that kept him debilitated and looks around in confusion.

Seeing that the intruders appear to not be seeking violence, the bronze dragon dismissing the guard drakes. Introductions are made, with the bronze dragon introducing herself as Tycelle’vaerir’cy’ravora’s. The party tells her that they were set to stop a bronze dragon raiding the coastline. To which Tycelle’vaerir’cy’ravora’s replies that she knows of no such dragon and they must be misinformed. The party tells her that they were seeking the help of the Seer to find this dragon to which she replies that she is known as the Seer. Regathering some of her courage Mira asks if Tycelle’vaerir’cy’ravora’s knows of the corruption in the Southern Greatwoods, to which she confirms that she has sensed it. Mira then asks her about the omen she received. After thinking on it a moment the dragon confirms their beliefs that the Autumnal Cloak is probably the upcoming eclipse and the Tower of Night is probably the reported black tower in the Southern Greatwoods. Unsure of if this is the wrong dragon or if their information was incorrect the party asks if the dragon might have anything to aid them in their task. Tycelle’vaerir’cy’ravora’s proposes an accord between them. If the party acquires Kagaz’s, the leader of the Band of the Burnt Shield, sceptre then she will have a reward for them. The dragon stipulates that no one can be harmed in this task and that the party has until tomorrow to return with the sceptre…


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