Darkness over Oscadius

Arrival in Dalasia

Session 15 Recap - 3rd of Aryth in the 2147th year

The Pilgrim Sands

Zymer and the party set up camp with Zymer preparing a spell to teleport the party to the city of Dalasia. Oath trades some scrolls for Tome of Masglowic’s Contemplation. Zymer thanks the party by giving Sastheru’s Molt a scroll of Impressive Display to the party. The party decides that Mira should take the belt, while Grom should take the scroll.

In the morning, Zymer draws the teleportation circle and the party steps through to…


Upon arrival, the party is surrounded by a contingency of 20 dwarven guards and approached by Rasfan who is surprised by their unscheduled use of the teleportation circle. After explaining their situation, the gnome explains that the city is pretty orderly and that no fighting, drugs, etc. are allowed, then lets the party go.

Dalasia itself is divided by many canals and bridges with soaring dwarven architecture and arches. Its streets are clean, and a general sense of low magic permeates the very streets. Harnessing the power of the river, the city’s street lights and elevators (providing a means of transporting cargo between the river and the Inner Sea) are mechanical wonders.

Grom tries to disguise his orcish nature via Thaumaturgy but he still stands out as being much taller than most of the population. As evidenced by the architecture, which was not created with the taller races in mind.

Oath uses his compass to find a nearby inn where the party gathers information about where they might find a means of travel, various supplies, and other information.

Artisan Row

Jasper finds a herbalist shop and peruses for brewing ingredients. Drugan and Grom find a smithy called Thaldus and Sons. Drugan buys a pike haft and other materials to try to convert Shimmer into a more familiar style of weapon. While purchasing he unknowingly hands Thaldus, the owner, one of the red marbled gold coins. Thaldus pulls back and makes a comment about him not taking any of that accursed red gold. After the incident, he seems a bit more suspicious of Drugan and bids him farewell. Grom inquires about a lance. Not having anything of his size, he instead purchases unworked materials to craft his own. Grom then finds a tinkerer and asks about making a grappling hook crossbow. The tinkerer shows him a much smaller version that would be suitable for a gnome or halfling. He explains that the problem is the weight of the grappling hook, even with a heavy crossbow.

Meanwhile, Oath finds a fancy-looking store and proceeds to ask the owner if they know who made his crossbow and is directed to the southern islet. Slightly disappointed he heads off towards the College of Lore.

Drugan, Grom and Jasper return to the Inn and begin discussing a cart that could carry a forge and brewing equipment.

College of Lore

Meanwhile Lyra and Mira head towards the College of Lore. Lyra investigates The Ways as a possible means of traveling great distances quickly. Mira researches Vordai of Dalasia, who legend holds wielded Conviction and Faith. Oath joins them after leaving the artisans row.

College of Wizardry

Lyra, Mira and Oath head to the College of Wizardry to ask using the teleportation circle to return to Port Trellec. They talk to Fenhani the Mage who tells them the standard cost is 300 gp per person. If that’s too expensive, she offers the party an alternative. Two traders carrying some magical components are a day late and she would like someone to check on them. If the party does that, she’s willing to remove most of the cost of transporting the party.


Drugan tells Grom that the party is low on funds and will probably need to take the job to pay their way home.

Mira uses Message to communicate with Odric discovering that he is alright and requesting that he meet the party in Port Trellec in four days time.

Lower Dal

The party heads to the lower section of town to explore sea travel and find shady characters. The party finds a suitably questionable tavern that is filled with sailors and laborers. Drugan immediately spots a group of folks dicing and sits down to join them. Oath watches him from the sidelines while using Minor Illusion to affect the outcome. Meanwhile, Lyra sits down at a table on the edge of the tavern while keeping her eyes peeled for someone who might know more about The Ways. Mira talks with Captain Eryn about passage to Port Trellec. Captain Eryn gives them a quote of 180 gp per person and says that the journey would take about a week depending on the weather.

After finding that passage would likely take a week the party retires to the first inn they visited to rest and plan their path back to Odric and all.


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