Darkness over Oscadius

A Recovered Shipment

Session 17 Recap - 4th-5th of Aryth in the 2147th year

The Orc Camp

The party splits into three groups to ambush the orcs. Drugan and Mira sneak around the north side under the cover of the Silence spell to deal with the guard and free the prisoners. Jasper, Lyra as a rhino and Oath sneak around to the south to deal with the guard there. Grom enters directly from the road to create a distraction. Jasper puts on the monk moves as he leaps up the back of the sentry to land on his shoulders and stabs the surprised orc while Oath shoots him with his crossbow. Lyra waits for Groms distraction to make her move. On the other side of the camp Drugan charges and kills, the orc guarding the prisoners while Mira engages the sentry. Meanwhile, Grom enters the camp using Thaumaturgy to draw the attention of all the other orcs. As he does this Lyra charges in rhino form towards the closest orc. Unfortunately, her target steps forward towards Grom at the same moment. Jasper and Oath see several orc riders on boars racing towards the camp. Close behind them a hill giant steps out of the treeline along the riverbank. After Jasper finishes off the sentry, Oath uses his Scroll of Animate Zombie to create a distraction. Jasper joins Lyra in the melee with the orcs. The party hears a loud crunching sound followed by a sickly splat. Lyra still learning her new form, charges at a second orc, impaling him and throwing him into the cart. Two orcs charge Grom while the remaining ones engage with Jasper and Lyra. Drugan joins Mira against the remaining sentry. Grom strikes back at the orcs attacking him. Three orc riders appear from the south. Two orcs step out of the large tent and survey the scene unfolding. The female one ducks back inside. While the battle rages on near the front of the camp Drugan finishes off the sentry then frees the prisoners and urges them to flee to the north. Mira heals Jasper with Healing Word. The orc from the tent engages Drugan. A boulder comes arcing through the air clipping Drugan and the orc, narrowly missing the prisoners. The female orc rushes out with two bundles, handing one to a rider and hoping up behind a second rider herself. Oath Lightning Bolts all three boars and riders. Jasper finishes off one orc, while Grom throws a net over the other one which had yielded. Which Jasper decides to finish off anyway. Another boulder comes arcing into the camp slamming into the boar with two riders. The female orc with the bundle manages to jump off. Lyra charges the orc, slamming him into the tent, which partially collapses on him. Drugan manhandles a boulder throwing it onto the orc struggling in the tent. One of the boars, who lost a rider, charges at Oath knocking him to the ground. Grom, on Smoke, attempts to ride down the fleeing orcs. The hill giant appears over the crest of the hill. He looks on at the scene in confusion. The final rider, turns around to grab the female orc with the bundle. Oath casts Dissonant Whispers on the boar that attacked him. As Drugan races to intercept the fleeing orcs, Mira uses Animal Friendship to stop the final boar and cause it to roll over crushing the remaining rider. Grom finishes off the remaining orcs.

Grom enhances his voice with Thaumaturgy impressing the hill giant. After a brief discussion, the party learns that the hill giant just wanted the orcs out of his territory. Meanwhile, the other party members discover that the bundles were swaddled orc babies. One is mostly unharmed, but the other didn’t make it. The freed captives make their way back to the party and introduce themselves as Reilly, Yasala and Zolmec. Faced with a moral conundrum, Yasala offers to take and raise the orc baby. Drugan immediately felt immense relief. Searching the camp the party finds some vials of brightly colored powder, a moth-eaten dress, several unfinished wooden axe handles, three bottles of dwarven brandy and a bag of Endergreen Reserve tobacco. The party gets several of the ponys attached to the cart. They make there way towards Dalasia. Yasala and Zolmec take the fork north towards Tol Bravos.


Once the party gets back to town, they return the ponies and cart. They ask Reilly to make sure to tell Fenhani the Mage that they recovered the shipment. Afterwards the party splits up to take care of various tasks. Drugan and Grom work on constructing a lance from the raw materials purchased. Oath studies his tome. Jasper heads to the College of Lore to research dragons.

As the party settles down for the night, each member in their own way senses themselves becoming more aware, more open to new ideas. They’ve learned a lot about Oscadius. It’s hard to believe how ignorant they were, but now they have so much more to learn. They resolve to continue pushing themselves…


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