Tidal Call

Wondrous Item

rare, requires attunement

Silver earrings inset with Aquamarine. A minor elemental is magically bound to the earrings. Recovered in Vexkara’s hoard. Reinfused with energy by the Djinni Timeaus and a Shard of Aquan.

Currently in the possession of Mira.

Tidal Call has the following magical properties when attuned:

  • You and any companions within 30 feet can’t be surprised if you’re awake.
  • You can cast Shape Water at will.
  • You may cast Find Familiar as a ritual with a gallon of water as the only material component. This can only be used to summon Bubbles.
  • You can cast one of the following spells as an action without material components using the specified number of charges: Frostbolt (2 charges), Frost Nova (1 charge), Frost Shards (3 charges), Gaseous Form (3 charges), Watery Sphere (4 charges). The spells use your spellcasting ability and spell save DC.

See PHB p240, p244, EEPC p21, p23.

Tidal Call

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