For as long as there has been recorded history, people of all races have been trying to force civilization upon the wilderness of Oscadius. They build settlements as safer places to live and roads to make travel easier.

Settlement Hierarchy

Settlements can be arranged into a hierarchy based upon their population. As a greater population in a settlement often leads to a larger geographic area, a higher status and greater availability of services.


A metropolis is just a larger city that has a massive population (100,000+). Abundant services and most craftsmen are available. Similar to cities, most metropolises have a wall, but most have sprawled past that boundary.


A city has a large population (10,000+). Most services and craftsmen are available. Most cities are surrounded by a wall and have a standing city guard.


A town has a medium population (1,000-10,000). Many services and a few craftsmen are available. Most towns have a wall and a small militia that acts as guards.


A village has a small population (100-1,000) a few common services. Some villages may have a wall or other basic fortification.


A hamlet has a tiny population (<100) and very few (if any) services, and few buildings.


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