Hymm's Harmony

Wondrous Item

rare, requires attunement

A lute made of maple and spruce with a rosewood veneer on the neck. A rose vine decorates the belly of the lute, while the back contains a small signature from the maker Geoffery Hymm. When played the sound rings out loud a clear drawing the attention of others.

Currently in the possession of Oath.

Hymm’s Harmony has the following magical properties when attuned:

  • You may use this as a bardic focus.
  • You gain +1 to Charisma (Performance) checks.
  • You may use Hymm’s Harmony to play one of the following songs. Playing a song takes five minutes and requires concentration. The song affects all creatures in a 30 ft radius and they must remain in the area of effect for the full duration to gain the benefit. The effects of a song last for 4 hours. You may use this ability up to your CHA modifier times per long rest.

Hymm's Harmony

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