We’re using a modified version of the Dawn War pantheon1. The changes are due to initially picking some deities from Forgotten Realms pantheon2. We may also end up using some of the Nonhuman Deities3 as well.

Deity Aspect Alignment Domains Symbol
Asmodeus god of war, conquest and tyranny LE Trickery, War Three triangles in tight formation
Bahamut god of justice and nobility LG Life, War Dragon’s head in profile
Celeste goddess of the moon CG Nature, Trickery Cresent moon
Cyric god of the ethereal and the astral N Light, Tempest Jagged counter-clockwise spiral
Eldath god of civilization and agriculture NG Life, Nature Waterfall plunging into still pool
Gruumsh god of destruction CE Tempest, War Unblinking eye
Helm god of the sun and protection LN Life, Light Staring eye on upright left gauntlet
Kord god of strength and storms CN Tempest, War Lightning bolt
Lolth goddess of spiders and lies NE Trickery Spider
Luna goddess of magic and the arts CG Knowledge, Light Point-down triangle containing a swirl of mist
Moradin god of creation LG Knowledge, War Hammer and fiery anvil
Oghma god of knowledge and invention N Knowledge Blank scroll
Raven Queen goddess of death LN Death, Life Raven’s head in profile
Savras god of change and luck CG Trickery Three stacked wavy lines
Sylvanus goddess of wilderness and the sea N Nature, Tempest Oak leaf
Tiamat goddess of wealth, greed and vengeance LE Trickery, War Dragon head with five claw marks
Vecna god of evil secrets NE Death, Knowledge Hand with eye in the palm
Shar goddess of darkness and poison CE Death, Trickery Black disk encircled with a border

1 Dungeon Master’s Guide page 10.

2 Player’s Handbook page 294.

3 Player’s Handbook page 296.


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