While there are plenty of civilized areas, Oscadius is a dangerous place and the chance of death is very real.


By the rules to perform a resurrection you simply need someone to able to cast a spell of the appropriate level and (voila!) you’re back to life. This seems a bit anticlimactic and removes some of the risks of death by turning it into a minor inconvenience. We’re adopting the system used by a well-respected DM where resurrection magic requires a Resurrection Challenge by the caster/party.

Rapid Resurrection

If a spell with a casting time of 1 action is used to attempt to restore life (via the Revivify spell or similar effects), no contribution skill checks are allowed. The character casting the spell makes a Resurrection check, rolĂ­ng a d20 and adding their spellcasting ability modifier. The DC is 3 + 1 for each turn since death (Gentle Repose pauses this) + 1 for each previous successful resurrection the character has undergone. On a failure, a character’s soul is not lost, but the resurrection fails and increases any future Ressurection checks’ DC by 1. No further attempts can be made to restore this character to life until a Ritual Resurrection (a spell with a casting time higher than 1 action) is attempted.

Ritual Resurrection

If a spell with a casting time of longer than 1 action is used to attempt to restore life a Resurrection Challenge. Up to three members of the adventuring party can offer to contribute via a Contribution check. The DM asks them each to make a skill check based on their form of contribution with the DC of the check adjusting to how helpful/impactful the DM feels the contribution would be. Advantage and Disadvantage can apply here based on how perfect; or off base; the contrĂ­bution offered is.

The initial DC to be resurrected is 10 + 1 for each previous successful resurrection for that character (signifying the slow erosion of the soul’s connection to this world). For each Contribution check, a success reduces the DC by 3 and a failure increases it by 1. After Contribution checks are completed, the DM then rolls a single, final Resurrection check with no modifier. Upon a successful resurrection check, the character’s soul returns to the body (should it be willing), and the ritual succeeded. On a failed check, the soul does not return and the character is lost.

True Resurrection

Only the strongest of magical incantations can bypass a Resurrection Challenge, in the form of the True Resurrection or Wish spells. These spells can also restore a character to life who has lost due to a failed Ritual Resurrection attempt.


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