Asturakar and the surrounding nations use the Thorsian Calendar, initially established by Emperor Jibor after the Thorsian Empire rose to power. Years are 360 days long, divided into 12 months of 30 days each. The months are as follows.

  • Zantyr
  • Olarune
  • Penor
  • Eyre
  • Dravago
  • Nymm
  • Sandiel
  • Barrakas
  • Aryth
  • Sypheros
  • Rhaan
  • Neth

Each month is split into five weeks of six days. The days are as follows.

  • Mol
  • Tor
  • Wir
  • Far
  • Sar
  • Sul

Two moons are visible at night, both of which are named after goddesses. Luna with a 30 day cycle and Celeste with a 90 day cycle. Months are aligned with Luna‘s cycle while seasons are aligned with Celeste’s cycle.


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