Block (Dwarven Unit of Distance)

A dwarven unit for measuring length. Its value is determined by the length of one side of the largest perfect cube of marble that a dwarven stonecutter has ever cut. As such, the value has historically changed, with dwarven measurements needing to be recalculated upon every successfully new cutting. No new block has been cut for nearly five centuries, during which the block has remained in the care of Clan Breytach.

Every decade, in the autumn, the Clans gather to celebrate their stonemasons and see if the most skilled can cut a new block. This festival, known as Blocktoberfest, rarely yields a new block and typically devolves into drinking and merriment. The festival itself has evolved over the years to encompass more varied aspects of stonemasonry.

In the rare case that a new block is cut, the celebration continues for 5 years, mostly to delay the daunting task of re-measuring every existing dwarven structure.

Since historic tests will often list fabled structures’ measurements in blocks, the elite among the dwarves have taken to replicating these structures at current block measurements where they are guaranteed that the new structure will… dwarf… the old. This has lead to overly large doors, high ceilings, and gigantic larders that seem out of place for such small folk.

Block (Dwarven Unit of Distance)

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