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  • Murkwood

    h3. Description Murkwood is a backwater settlement along an infrequently used trading route. It’s a fairly small hamlet of fewer than 50 people with an inn, a small general store, a miller/baker and a lumber mill. The main industries of the town are …

  • Jorg Saunders

    Miller for the town of [[Murkwood]]. Married to [[:elaine-saunders | Elaine]]. Owns the mill where grain is processed. A rather meek, if sometimes excitable man.

  • Elaine Saunders

    Baker for the town of [[Murkwood]]. Married to [[:jorg-saunders | Jorg]]. Runs a small bakery attached to the Mill. Most townspeople buy bread from her daily.

  • Shylo the Buff

    A possessed man living in a small cabin in the woods outside of [[Murkwood]]. He is apparently free of [[She Who Will Claim All]]'s influence after the party defeated him.

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