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  • The Mourning Tree

    h2. [[Dalasia]] That night [[:lyra | Lyra]] has a dream about the battle from the [[Night of Tears]], where a group of dwarves, elves, gnomes and humans attacked a host of orcs and ogres camped around what used to be known as [[Celeste's Refuge]]. In …

  • Night of Tears

    From *Missive on the Night of Tears* by unknown author _Having seen the destruction and desecration of the [[Celeste's Refuge | Refuge]], the few remaining druids are incensed and driven to inconsolable madness. Lead by Torfina, they gather allies …

  • Celeste's Refuge

    One of the druidic enclaves founded in [[Rashim]]. The other two being [[Bodhmall's Grove]] and [[Deirdre's Reach]]. With the help of the dryads, the druids were able to bind the each of the enclaves to the [[Feywild]]. After the [[Night of Tears]], it …

  • Mourning Tree

    Specifically this refers to the white oak at the center of what used to be [[Celeste's Refuge]]. More generally is also used to refer to [[Celeste's Refuge]] after the [[Night of Tears]].

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