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  • Into Dreir Lith

    h2. [[Borja]] [[:captain-kelby-jones | Captain "Kelby" Jones]] directs the party to a shady tavern near the harbor run by [[:myles-the-barkeep | Myles the Barkeep]]. Talking to him they get directions to [[Dreir Lith]]. He tells them that the place has …

  • Inner Sea

    h3. Description A large inland salt water sea that is mostly surrounded by the landmass of [[Oscadius]]. [[Asturakar]], [[Bremore]] and [[Calan]] all have a coastline along the Inner Sea. The Inner Sea is used heavily to trade and transport goods …

  • Bremore

    h3. Description Bremore is a medium sized nation that is bordered by [[Asturakar]] to the northwest, the [[Elodyn Hegemony]] to the north. The [[Spine Mountains]] create a natural border to the east, while the [[Inner Sea]] creates a natural border to …

  • Dreir Lith

    Ruined temple to [[Lolth]] the Spider god. Lies in the hills to the east of [[Borja]]. [[:thakon | Thakon]] informs the party that [[:nerroth | Nerroth]] would like them to recover an artifact, a scrying orb, from there.

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