Othorion "Oath" Syl

Half Elf Lore Bard


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Oath wears Locke’s Guile and wields Hymm’s Harmony or Lamora’s Lash depending on what the situation calls for. When he visited his father’s old friend Raithe he received a Compass of Knowledge and a unknown slightly greenish stone.


Oath was born into a wealthy family that was formed an uneasy truce between elves and humans within a small province of the Elodyn Hegemony. The Syls weren’t necessarily nobles, but they certainly weren’t hurting, either.

Having access to most of his desires from his well-to-do parents met made him a fairly arrogant compared to his peers, but he always managed to have a posse throughout his youth because of his charm and good looks. He had plenty of enemies, too, but he never let that get to him. His affluent parents insisted he learn the lute, and he found he had a natural knack for it. He went on to learn several other instruments as well, but the lute remained his favorite. He regularly used his musical skills to try to sing mocking songs about those less fortunate than him to draw in more popularity and love ballads to try lure in the fairer sex.

Everything changed when he was nearing his completion of his schooling and an alleged group of conservative human-hating elves attacked his parents and a few other outspoken members of the town involved in bridging the gaps between the elves and the humans.

His elven father, Kailu, was taken in the struggle and never found, and his mom and siblings were roughed up at home while he was out with friends.

The local lawkeepers only uncovered the identities of four of the five bandits by the second day of investigations; they were held in a local prison and claimed that their fifth member didn’t intend to let any of the “broken” humans ever return to the area.

Most people assumed this to mean that Oath’s father had been killed, but Oath refused to believe it and instead took it literally. He set off immediately on his own quest to find his Father and enact vengeance, only to find himself lost and alone after several months of chasing dead ends.

With no money or friends in a far-off land, and the gravity of the events leading up to his exodus warping his recollection of the few facts he had to help aid him in his search of his dad, Oath started giving up hope in ever succeeding in his original quest and started trying to figure out a new purpose in life. The only thing he knew was that he could never go home without knowing the truth.

It was only a few days after this resolution that he found himself bumping into the company of several others…

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Grom -

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Lyra -

Mira -

Othorion "Oath" Syl

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