Mira Rosewood

Water Genasi Nature Cleric


A lithe water genasi with teal skin and aquamarine hair.

Mira wields Conviction and Faith, which legend holds were once wielded by Vordai of Dalasia. Mira recovered them from the catacombs below the Abbey of Niccyveus as part of final rites. She also wears Tidal Call a pair of silver earrings set with aquamarine that she acquired from the hoard of Vexkara. After empowering the rings with the help of Timeaus and a Shard of Aquan she now has a familiar Bubbles.


For unknown reasons, Mira was abandoned shortly after birth by her parents. Possibly due to her obvious non-human looks. A cleric of Sylvanus found her floating in a small basket along a river. The cleric took Mira back to her temple in the wilderness, where she was raised among the members. When she was old enough, she joined the other acolytes in their studies. When she came of age she started preparing for her final tests to become a full cleric of Sylvanus. When she passed her final rites to Sylvanus Mira decided to head out and explore the world, as well as help, spread Sylvanus’s will.

While Mira often tried to be studious during her time at them temple, now that she’s out in the world she often (accidentally) misquotes sacred texts and proverbs. She prefers to travel on less known paths and stays away from larger cities as the press of people is alien and disturbing. During her travels, Mira believes that Sylvanus is sending her omens and signs. The gods try to speak to us, we just need to listen. She believes that she has a larger role to play in bringing Sylvanus’s glory to bear on the world. She meets several adventurers who seem like they are a decent sort.

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Mira Rosewood

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