Lyra Heartsbane

Wood Elf Circle of the Moon Druid


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Lyra wears Celeste’s Grace and wields Sylvanus’s Bite, a staff she crafted as part of her training.


Lyra grew up in a tiny elven enclave in the north. As a young elf, she frequently spent time in the wilderness, exploring, and bonding with nature. Lyra loved exploring new areas, especially remnants of the time that dragons, elves, and giants ruled the world. She grew more and more distant from her parents and community, disappearing for weeks at a time. It became apparent to her parents that she had a deep connection to nature and animals, prompting them to send her to the Enclave in the Northern Greatwoods to train with the druids.

While at the Enclave, Lyra proved to be an especially quick learner, mastering the fundamentals of druidism quickly. However, she chafed at the rules and expectations that the Druidic Circle set out for her. With all of her lessons and chores, Lyra missed spending long periods of time in the wilds, and exploring new places. After spending 50 years with the druids, Lyra finally found the courage to run away and vowed that she would never feel trapped again. She came upon a ragged bunch of travelers, and after shadowing them for several weeks, decided to join them (for the most part).

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Lyra Heartsbane

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