Jasper Goodbarrel

Ghostwise Halfling Way of the Open Hand Monk


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Jasper carries Beggar So’s Jug and wields Bamboozle, a staff he crafted while at the monastery. He has a small bottle filled with five doses of Haden’s Draught acquired during his travels. He also carries the dagger Flicker, taken from Darius the Black after the battle at Helgar’s Ford and the Dust of Disappearance.


Jasper Goodbarrel is a polder (halfling) monk that loves to brew and drink beer. He’s a blunt, inappropriate, surly old man. He comes from a long line of brewmasters, tavern keepers, and drunks. He had only one son who was tragically killed by a brash young green dragon. After he lost his son, he dedicated his life to the monkhood. He lived by himself brewing beer, learning about herbs and nature and training in monk skills. He found peace from his grief in the solitude of the monk life, but often missed the community and family life of being around other polders. Especially since none of the other monks liked his crass jokes or stories.

Jasper found Grom as a small child when he happened to wander through a devastated village. Many of the buildings in the town were smashed and torn asunder. Jasper was sure it was the same green dragon that tricked and killed his son. It was an easy choice to take Grom home. While Jasper tried to teach Grom as best he could, he noticed the lad was often drawn towards the local Emerald Knight Davomyr. Davomyr witnessed Grom’s swearing of his Oath.

After seeing Grom come of age, Jasper was reinvigorated to seek vengeance for his son’s death. He made the choice to leave his cloister in Pold to find those responsible, and Grom owing his life to Jasper went along to protect him. They traveled north through Bremore in pursuit of clues as to where this green dragon had a lair. They often stopped to help others in need along the way. Following a trail of clues eventually lead them to a recently abandoned fort nestled in the south reaches of the Everwhite Mountains referred to simply as South Keep. While exploring, they encountered some kobolds that triggered a trap that left them both petrified. While the duo had come to rely on each other, they could use a few more friends to seek justice.

While adventuring through Dreham, Jasper came across a small hedgehog rooting through some garbage. Jasper had a fondness for woodland creatures during his monkhood, so decided to keep him as a pet. He named the hedgehog Hercules.

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Jasper Goodbarrel

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