Grom Tiddlywinks Hellscream

Half Orc Oath of the Ancients Paladin


Grom is a musclular half-orc with dark hair. He has a tattoo of Gruumsh on one arm from before he could remember, and a tattoo of a paladin basking in heavenly light on the other arm.

Grom wields Ulric’s Fury and Liulfr’s Pelt which were presented to him after completing his Oaths. He carries a piece of Strikebright acquired during his travels. He wears the repaired Cypress Plate, which was taken from Darius the Black after the battle at Helgar’s Ford.


Jasper found Grom as a small child when he happened to wander through a devastated village. Many of the of buildings in the town were smashed and torn asunder. Jasper was sure it was the same green dragon that tricked and killed his son. It was an easy choice to take Grom home. Grom grew up quickly and after eventually learning of his parents’ demise, vowed to do everything he could to protect his new foster father Jasper. He started training with the local Emerald Knight Davomyr, specializing in many protective auras and healing abilities. Davomyr witnessed Grom’s swearing of his Oath.

Grom is often torn between his upbringing and his natural half-Orc uncontrollable temper. He is strongly devoted to protecting his friends and family after his family was slaughtered by a young green dragon, which fuels his hatred for them. As a paladin, he believes in the importance of the law, but also sometimes lets the orc in him make the final determination of good and evil. He is very close with nature and grew up developing a relationship with wolves, with the form of a dire wolf being his steed of choice.

After seeing Grom come of age, Jasper was reinvigorated to seek vengeance for his son’s death. He made the choice to leave his cloister in Pold to find those responsible, and Grom owing his life to Jasper went along to protect him. They traveled north through Bremore in pursuit of clues as to where this green dragon had a lair. They often stopped to help others in need along the way. Following a trail of clues eventually lead them to a recently abandoned fort nestled in the south reaches of the Everwhite Mountains referred to simply as South Keep. While exploring they encountered some kobolds that triggered a trap that left them both petrified. While the duo had come to rely on each other, they could use a few more friends to seek justice…

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Grom Tiddlywinks Hellscream

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