Drugan "Featherbeard" Farfallow

Mountain Dwarf Totem Barbarian (Owlbear)


A young (127 year old), hulking mountain dwarf with dark gray hair and a beard that consists of slightly more hair than feathers, the other dwarves of Odral have taken to calling Drugan Featherbeard.

Drugan wears a Helm of Fortification and wields Otukal’s Kiss, a great spear fashioned from the claw of an owlbear. He also carries the blood-red blade Shimmer, taken from Darius the Black after the battle at Helgar’s Ford.

A recent purple scar, acquired from an encounter with a mimic in a Black Dragon Lair, adorns his right arm, changing color when he rages to a bright red.


Drugan was a young scout for the Greater Mountain Dwarf military efforts beyond the Everwhite Mountains.

On one solo scout, his inexperience resulted in a tumble into a deep ravine where he landed on something sharp that pierced his left side and passed out. Infection found the wound before Drugan awoke and he spent the next week in a feverish dream state following a ghostly beast, larger than a bear with the face of an owl.

Some time later, Drugan came to in a hospital tent. The Odral army had found him collapsed and near death at the outskirts of camp with a nasty infection from a large talon they pulled from his side.

Drugan was never quite the same after that. The military gave him leave and he set off into the wilderness looking for answers…

…after several years, Drugan emerged from the woods in tattered garments, wielding a great spear, and claiming to have found the spirit that saved him. Still young, and still a little off in his head, Drugan Featherbeard set off to explore the unknown and practice the way of the owlbear, embracing a rage closer to madness and typically resulting in a path of broken bodies.

Grom – Drugan grew up around people just like Grom – strength and duty. Their friendship, while young, comes easiest.

Jasper – Drugan isn’t sure what to make of this little old man, but anyone who likes beer can’t be that bad. Just please don’t talk into Drugan’s head. That’s creepy…

Lyra – Drugan has a close kinship with Lyra but is often embarrassed by her interactions with him while in animal form. What does a bear lick mean anyway?

Mira – Drugan thinks Mira is one of the wisest people he’s ever met. When in doubt, ask Mira.

Oath – Oath and Drugan have an adversarial, brotherly relationship. Drugan loves to bother Oath, especially through advances on his sister, “Kiki”.

Odric – Drugan cares for the boy like a young recruit, often slipping into the role of a fatherly figure for better or worse.

Zymer – Seems like a normal old man to Drugan. Some of his strangeness is lost to Drugan in his own.

Drugan "Featherbeard" Farfallow

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