Darkness over Oscadius

In Pursuit of a Shipment

Session 16 Recap - 4th of Aryth in the 2147th year


In the morning, the party gathers their things and head off in pursuit of the missing shipment for Fenhani the Mage. On the way out of town, they rent four ponies and a cart.

The Road to Tol Bravos

As the party heads north out of Dalasia they notice that the grasslands immediately north of the Dal River has been recently burned down. Farther out the grass is tall and limits visibility around the road. The occasion stand of trees and scrub dots the landscape. Oath serenades the party with some tunes as they travel. As they travel, Grom notices the occasional game trails that cross the road.

The party comes across a mother rhinoceros with her young that is agitated by their presence. Mira casts animal friendship on it to calm it down and Lyra studies it for ten minutes or so to learn how to Wild Shape into a rhino.

They continue on their journey north and as they crest a hill they get a good view of the surrounding area. Off to the west, they see a line of trees that seem to be growing along a stream or small river. The wind carries the sounds of distant shouts. Lyra summons a flock of ravens with Conjure Animals which she then commands to scout out ahead of them. Drugan prepares Speak with Animals to talk to the ravens when they return. The ravens report back that a group of humanoids is moving south along a muddy riverbed. The party finds the next game trail that heads towards the trees. They hobble the ponies and set out through the grass. As they get closer they start to hear coarse laughter mixed with the yells.

The Dried Stream

Upon approaching the tree line, they see that the water is just a shallow stream in a mostly muddy riverbed. They spot the source of the voices. A human male with his hands bound behind his back is stumbling towards them being pursued by a group of five orcs. One of the orcs takes aim and lodges an arrow in the man’s shoulder, causing him to stumble. Drugan leaps into action interposing himself between the man and the orcs. Mira casts Spiked Growth on the area where the orcs stand. Jasper runs up to the man and uses the Dust of Disappearance to make them both invisible. One of the orcs casts Bless on his allies but is immediately disrupted when Lyra commands her ravens to peck at him. Lyra then follows up with Call Lightning, while Grom hits them with Moonbeam. Hopelessly outmatched the orcs rapidly fall to blows from Drugan, Jasper and Mira’s Spiritual Weapon in the form of a giant oak leaf. After dispatching the final foe, the party locates the invisible human by having him ram his shoulder into Drugan. They free him from his bonds and question him. They find out that he is indeed Durnik one of the missing traders. He draws a map in the mud of his best guess of their current location and where the orc camp he escaped from is. He mentions that there were three other prisoners in the camp as well. Oath uses Cure Wounds to heal the worst of the man’s injuries. Lyra notices that on the opposite riverbank to orcs riding giant boars pop out of the scrub, but then immediately turn around and flee at the sight of the party. Grom drags them to the sides and performs a small funeral service for the deceased orcs. The party give Durnik on of the ponies and sends him towards Dalasia promising to rescue his partner and recover their goods.


The Orc Camp

Following the directions of Durnik the party makes their way towards the orc camp. Approaching it they use the ravens one last time to scout for them before making their final preparations for the coming battle…


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