Darkness over Oscadius

Goblin High Jinks and a Shifty Dragon

Session 22 Recap - 19th-24th of Aryth in the 2147th year

Goblin Camp

The party makes their way east towards the Band of the Burnt Shield following Tycelle’vaerir’cy’ravora’s directions. On the way there Drugan pulls Lyra aside and tells her how he feels about their motley group, but leaves immediately before she can respond. The party stops on a ridge overlooking a valley with three collections of ramshackle buildings and tents. Drugan and Oath recognize the diminutive yellow and green skinned inhabitants with pointy ears as goblins. From their position, they can’t quite make out the banners flying above each camp. Mira speaks with a nearby cardinal and convinces it to allow Drugan to see through its eyes. With Mira guiding it and Drugan reporting what he sees, they have the cardinal scout out the camps. Meanwhile Grom and Oath watch the goblin parties ranging out from the settlement. They follow a group of three goblins and as they get close Oath casts Hypnotic Pattern. They return to the others with three bound goblins in tow. After a brief questioning and with the knowledge that the Band of the Burnt Shield is the center camp, the party forms their plan.

Jasper and Oath pretend to be traveling merchants. Lyra summons several mules with Conjure Animals. Drugan acts as their guard, while Lyra turns into a mouse that Jasper carries. The four of them make their way towards the goblin camps touting themselves as ale merchants to the goblin guards. When they reach the camp the start handing out samples why they release Lyra on the sly to scope out the main tent looking for a sceptre. Meanwhile, outside Oath calls for the Kagaz the leader and after a brief discussion about power, proceeds to join the goblins in playing a rain dance with no discernable rhythm or tune. After watching the goblins whirl around stomping their feet for ten minutes, the song winds down. Lyra breaks open the chest, finds the sceptre among several other items. She grabs the sceptre and a canine skull for Jasper before turning into a bird and flying back towards the others. Jasper and Oath extract themselves, promising to return with more ale. The party heads west towards the Seer’s Cave. Along the way Oath examines it, discovering that it allows the wielder to cast Minor Illusion.

Seer’s Cave

The party arrives back at the cave in the early evening. As they enter they notice that the cave has a different configuration than the last time they visited. A male and a female dwarven voice carry from the adjoining chamber. After a few minutes the conversation winds down an weathered dwarf in fisherman’s garb step out, sees the party and quickly excuses himself. A kindly looking old dwarf dressed in a motherly fashion steps out and ushers them in. The party seems a bit confused, but then the dwarf’s form shimmers and expands, until a bronze dragon is looming over them. The party feels the dragon’s essence touch on each of their minds. The dragon then shifts through several forms: Drugan’s father, Grom’s mother, Jasper’s son, Mira’s foster mother before settling on a more neutral form. After the shock wears off, Drugan pushes Lyra forward to present the sceptre. Tycelle’vaerir’cy’ravora is dismissive of it, simply telling Lyra to hang it on a hook on the wall. She then presents the party members with several items from which they can choose from. Drugan selects Braed’s Charm. Grom selects Banner of Victory. Jasper selects Potion of Youth. Lyra selects Bag of Colding. Mira selects Shard of Aquan. Oath selects Bolts of Faerie Fire. Afterwords there Jasper asks some questions about green dragons. Tycelle’vaerir’cy’ravora inquires as to why and Jasper recounts the loss of his son. Tycelle’vaerir’cy’ravora seems mournful and comments that Jasper is not the only one to experience loss. She thinks on it briefly, then tells the party she can see the potential in them and if they’re willing to spend a few days she’ll try to teach them to unlock a bit more of their potential. She instructs them in the theory, then leads them through multiple practice sessions that take up much of the next three days. Grom, Jasper and Mira seem to pick up the concepts with ease due to similarities with previous training. Drugan, Lyra and Oath struggle to make progress, but Tycelle’vaerir’cy’ravora assures them if they continue to practice that they’ll eventually master the concepts. Thanking Tycelle’vaerir’cy’ravora for her aid, the party sets out for Borja.


Arriving back in Borja, the party heads to the one shady tavern where they find Captain Kelby and his crew. The Captain informs them that they can set out with the tide if they’re ready. As the tide leaves, so does the party embark on their journey back to Port Trellec.

Port Trellec

The party arrives back in Seabottom midmorning. They make their way north discussing their next plans. Drugan and Oath head to check on Odric, before heading to Artisans’ Row to find a wainwright. After much searching they find one of sufficient quality. Inside they negotiate with the owner for a performers’ wagon with an Alarm and Arcane Lock enchantments. At the same time Mira heads towards the Santuary of Eldath to talk to Samal. Meanwhile the others run a few small errands to resupply before heading to The Spoke and Cellar. There they find an annoyed Keishara. She tells them that when Thakon and her reached Port Trellec they split up to get supplies, but he never showed up at the redevous. No one she questioned remembered seeing him. Around dusk Samal returns from his days work. He tells Mira that he did receive a raven from a Loremaster of Dalasia. On her way back to The Spoke and Cellar she hears bells tolling to the south. Upon entering the in Mira asks Darrow what the bells at this hour are for, to which he replies that they almost sound like the alarm bells but that he’s sure the city watch have things under control. Joining the others, they discuss their next plans over drinks and a meal. A young man bursts in wearing the black tabbard of the Obsidian Brotherhood, scans the room and spots a table of fellow Obsidian Brotherhood members, whispers a message to the sergeant before heading.back out the door. The sergeant issues some quick orders to her men, before approaching the party. She informs them that there has been a disturbance in the city and she has been asked to bring her men and any other able bodied folks with her to the north gate. The party agrees after deciding they need to head that way to exit the city anyway. The party gathers their gear and joins the Obsidian Brotherhood as they step out into the night…


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