Darkness over Oscadius

A Moral Execution and a Bittersweet Reuninion

Session 12 Recap - 30th of Barrakas-1st of Aryth in the 2147th year

Helgar’s Ford

The party stabilizes Darius for questioning. Mira leads the party and townsfolk in resurrecting the villager that was killed by the cultist. The party rests up and helps start the cleanup of town. Drugan acquires mounts for everyone. After a debate, it is decided that Darius should be executed because he is too dangerous to be left alive. Grom performs the executions with Darius’s own sword, Shimmer.


The party heads towards Dreham. Oath disguises himself, but upon entering the city no one seems to be looking for him. The party realizes that the northern quarter is a mercantile district and appears to be a bit nicer than where they were before. While crossing the market a slim figure bumps into Oath during the bustle. Oath realizes that his purse is missing. He sees the hooded figure leave the market and head to a side street. Oath pursues but has to abandon his horse due to the crowd. Lyra and Jasper follow a bit behind Oath. After chasing the hooded figure for several streets, Lyra throws a tanglepatch at the figure, entangling them. Oath tackles the figure to the ground, then throws them against the wall of the alley. The figure removes their hood revealing Oath’s younger sister Keishara. While Oath is surprised she gets in a punch knocking him back. Lyra watches amused while Jasper grabs the others. Reunited, the party follows Keishara to The Crimson Griffon, a local inn.

The Crimson Griffon

The party gets settled in and arranges accommodations with Nissa for the night. Keishara introduces the party to Vindi and Will. Will creates a gold filigree bird from some gold coins. Keishara pays for drinks with Oath’s money. Oath and Keishara catch up a bit. Drugan wants to annoy Oath by talking to his sister. The party hears rumors about gnoll packs roaming into Asturakar from Calan, but they seems to be mostly to the south. There are also rumors that Calan and Odral are amassing forces over some unknown conflict. Keishara takes Oath to meet Raithe, a friend of their father. Drugan, Grom and Mira head with Will to his smithy. Thakon and Vindi remain at the Crimson Griffon.

Raithe’s House

Oath meets the eccentric and grumpy Raithe. After quick introductions, Raithe gives Oath a letter and package from his father. Meanwhile, Will takes on repairing the plate that Grom took. He also purchases several of the Torpin Brigade shields from the party. On the way back to the inn, Oath and Keishara discuss their situation and what’s next. Keishara wants to come with her older brother. Oath is less certain. Keishara gives him back his purse and the gold filigree bird.

The Crimson Griffon

Back at the inn everyone takes the evening meal and starts drinking. Drugan is excited that Keishara wants to join them if only to bother Oath. Oath goes for a walk. Drugan decides to show off to Keishara and causes a mess by flipping a table. Onevea tries to grab Drugan to throw him out, but in his rage, he grabs her and starts bench pressing her. Money is paid to compensate the other patrons for lost food and Oneva for her dignity. Oath returns during this chaos. More drinks are had. Oath plays for the patrons, getting better as he gets drunker until he passes out in the common room. Drugan falls asleep in a barrel in the kitchen. Mira has spent enough time infusing energy into her earring that the spirit inside awakens. It doesn’t really remember much from before, but informs Mira that it is different after the djinni infused the earrings. It thinks it is stronger than before. Tomorrow the party sets out for Port Trellec


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