Darkness over Oscadius

A Dark Ritual

Session 14 Recap - 2nd of Aryth in the 2147th year

The Scales of Life

The party finishes up their rest in the relative safety of this magnificent temple. Another exit to across the room with more text upon it remains closed. Zymer inspects the inscription on the other door to the room and finds in yuan-ti “life hangs in the balance”. After taking a look at the large scale on a dais in the middle of the room with its heavier end containing an opalescent scaled feather and its raised end seemingly full of the same foul water the party trudged through on the way to the temple, Zymer then uses Living Waters to flush out the foul water and fill it with clean water. Afterward, the door to the exit unlatches but appears stuck. Drugan and Grom have a little competition to see who can open it further. Grom tries to take the feather, but it seems to be magically attached to the scale.

Defiled Sanctum

Once Grom forces the door open the party makes their way into the next room. After some investigation, it appears that the room was once a sanctum for Celeste, but now some other group has defiled it for their own purposes. Oath notices that there is writing on the walls and on the back of the doors. Zymer is able to puzzle out part of the meaning. Specifically, he notices a name – Ru’Hotep – mentioned multiple times. The party sees a natural tunnel leading out of the room.

The Tunnels

Upon entering it they hear chanting in Yuan-Ti, but the source is hard to pinpoint. As the proceed down the tunnel the chanting starting to increase in tempo. They reach an intersection of five tunnels. After a quick investigation, the party chooses a branch to head down which has shown signs of travel. They encounter a pit that is about 15 feet across. Zymer uses his Slippers of Spider Climbing to cross to the other side taking the rope with him. He attempts to attach it to a plank on the far side. Grom attempts to pull it across but the rope comes loose. Zymer instructs him how to activate the rope to have it attach to the board. After successfully getting the first one placed, a second plank is slid across to provide a bit more stable of a platform to cross on. The party then encounters a section of tunnel that at first glance appears to be undulating. Some quick thinking and experimentation show it to be an illusion that affects sight. By closing their eyes they are able to progress without issue.

Yuan-Ti Cultist Lair

The party sneaks up to the opening preparing to stop whatever ritual has been building. The party sees two large snakes slowly undulating near the entrance. The party rushes into the room trying to get a grasp of what is going on. Lyra and Drugan both go to attack one of the snakes but encounter some gooey resistance before hitting the snake. The party watches the gelatinous cube dissolve the flesh of the snake skeleton leaving the bone nagas encountered before. Once inside the party notices three Yuan-Ti that chanting and the source of the ritual off to the side. Grom, Jasper and Zymer take on the three Yuan-Ti while Drugan, Lyra, Mira and Oath handle the bone nagas and gelatinous cubes. Jasper takes out one of the Yuan-Ti, but the others ignore him. Zymer uses a Watery Sphere to restrain another for Grom to finish off. The final one finishes its ritual and transforms into a bodak. Meanwhile, Drugan and Lyra are fending off the gelatinous cubes while Oath Lightning Bolts them. Mira focuses on the awakening bone nagas. Zymer slams the Watery Sphere into the bodak restraining it which causes the bodak to focus its gaze on Zymer. He shakes off the effects while Jasper delivers the killing blow. Between the combined efforts of the rest of the party, the gelatinous cubes are now gelatinous puddles and the bone nagas are in pieces. After a brief search of the room, the party heads towards the exit which leads towards the entrance area of Sastheru’s Tomb.

The Pilgrim Sands

After exiting the tomb, the party is embraced by the sweltering heat and blowing sands of The Pilgrim Sands. Zymer offers the party several options for how he would recommend they make their way back towards Asturakar


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